The topics of the workshop include but are not restricted to:

  • The process of cooperative modeling: design cycles, model negotiation, view integration, roles of participants in modeling, team organization, etc.
  • Sustaining model usage and maintenance in organizations
  • Motivating involvement and active usage of models
  • Involving non-experts in model development and usage
  • Increasing the range of involvement: from core stakeholders to all stakeholders
  • Coupling models with activities and entities of work
  • Roles of models for collaboration e.g. guides / maps
  • Models as instruments for consensus building
  • The role of models in spanning inter or intra organizational boundaries
  • Integrating visual modeling and model dialogues in natural language
  • Tools for collaborative model usage by non-expert model users
  • “Meta”-modeling: structuring the dialogue around models
  • Access to models: Creating a model friendly cooperation environment
  • Alignment of different understandings about collaborative work during modeling
  • Empirical evidence for positive effects of modeling and model use

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